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  • KMWE is a Dutch company founded in 1955 that has grown to become a worldwide supplier and partner for the High Tech Equipment Industry and Aerospace. The specialization of the company lies in providing its clients high mix, low volume and high complexity machinery. KMWE has an eye for quality and works only in select number of sectors such as Aerospace & Defence, Semiconductors, Medical & Diagnostics and Industrial Automation.  For the medical and the aerospace industry, impeccable quality has to be guaranteed for safety reasons.

    It is involved in the project “Remote Robotics” in the medical sector. KMWE works together with renowned Dutch technological universities and companies like Philips Medical Care on the development of robotic systems that can work in unstructured medical environments. These robots will ideally become active within this decade and could serve in hospitals and homecare situations.  A good example would be a remote controlled robot that could take X-rays so that human caretakers no longer have to be exposed to these rays, which can become harmful after longer periods of exposure.

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