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Kokoro Co. Ltd.

Kokoro Co. Ltd.
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  • Actroid Actroid

    The humanoid robot Actroid was created by Osaka University. It has silicone skin and resembles a young Japanese child. Actroid has speech recognition software and can talk, blink, and mimic other basic human functions. It was displayed at the 2003 International…

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  • Affetto Affetto

    Osaka University has developed an advanced human baby robot, named Affetto. This robot has realistic expressions and will help with studies about human cognitive development. It is a part of the JST ERATO Asada Project. Affetto can also help caregivers…

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  • CB² CB²

    JST ERATO Asada Project developed a child robot called CB2. The purpose is to study cognitive development, social maturity, behavior, attitude and other personal stuff.

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  • Diego-San Diego-San

    UCSD developed a baby humanoid robot called Diego-San. It was used to study how human babies interact with environment and acquire the ability to use nonverbal expressions.

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  • Geminoid F Geminoid F

    Hiroshi Ishiguro of ATR and Kokoro Co. Ltd. developed Geminoid-F which looks like a young human female. It copies the speech and facial expression of its human operator.

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  • Geminoid DK Geminoid DK

    Professor Hiroshi Ishiguro of ATR and Kokoro Co. Ltd. developed a realistic humanoid called Geminoid-DK. It has involuntary muscle movements and breathing activity like a human.

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    KoKoro Co. Ltd. developed a humanoid called I-Fairy which has a futuristic and sophisticated design. It is suited for places where regular update of information is needed.

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  • Simroid Simroid

    Kokoro Company Ltd. developed a training robot for dental schools called Simroid. This humanoid can express pain, move its hands and eyes, and warn people of accidental contact.

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