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Korea Inst. of Industrial Tech. (KITECH)

Korea Inst. of Industrial Tech. (KITECH)
  • South Korea
  • Institute
  • Robotics Developer


  • Ari 1 Ari 1

    KITECH and Solubot developed a female robot called Ari 1. It can recognize face using camera and face detection software. It can interact with humans using pre-recorded voices.

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  • Ever 3 Ever 3

    The android robot EveR-3 has been quite the star in South Korea, appearing in several dramas. This lifelike robot has 16 facial expressions and can speak Korean and English.

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  • Ever 2 Ever 2

    The EveR-2 has several improvements over the EveR-1. It has three cameras for better vision, improved speech recognition, and can express more emotions than its predecessor.

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  • Ever 1 Ever 1

    Korean humanoid robot EveR-1 was designed to replicate a young woman. It can simulate several emotions, talk, and has facial recognition through eye-mounted cameras.

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  • Post Guide Robot 03 (PGR03) Post Guide Robot 03 (PGR03)

    Post Guide Robot 03 makes taking trips and commuting easy and fun. This helpful robot provides trip information and weather details and has games to pass the time.

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  • Post Guide robots Robot 01 (PGR01) Post Guide Robot 01 (PGR01)

    Post Guide Robot 01 by Robotech/Kitech helps post office customers with everything from forms to addresses. It also measures health information and provides entertainment.

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  • SeRoPi SeRoPi

    KITECH's humanoid robot Seropi was developed for businesses to use as a helper. This wheel-based robot has a human-friendly appearance and 21 DOF. It can guide visitors, perform errands and pick things up and return them to where they belong.

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  • SeRoPi 2 SeRoPi 2

    SeRoPi 2 is the newer, improved version of KITECH's SeRoPi. The navigation system has been improved with stero vision and a laser range finder. This robot, which resembles Johnny 5, can perform some simple household chores. KITECH hopes one day it can…

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