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KUKA Robotics

KUKA Robotics
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  • What people often do not realize is that robotic technology is actually still very young and that a lot still needs to be discovered. KUKA Robotics made a significant impact in this field of science when they developed the first PC-based controller. This opened a whole new world of interaction between the software, the controller and the mechanical systems.

    The development of the first PC-based controller meant that robotic systems, for example gripper arms, could now be controlled and programmed to do many different motions, making them usable in different circumstances. Today KUKA is working on their Motion Control as well as a new project which aims at creating robots of different types and sizes that could work together to use their effort with greater efficiency. Flexibility in the manufacturing process is also a benefit in this project.

    In order to create industry-wide standards, KUKA Robotics is cooperating in the BRICS project. By creating a more standardized way of developing robots, it will not only aid researchers, but also the developers and system integrators. It will help developers to drastically reduce the developing time and use the best practices of the world’s leading component providers. The costs will be reduced and the products will have a high level of quality.

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