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Kyushu U.

Kyushu U.
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  • One of Japan’s most prominent public universities is the Kyushu University, which is located in Fukuoka, Kyushu, Japan. This university was established in 1903 as the Fukuoka Medical College.

    At the time of its establishment, the school was associated with the Kyoto Imperial University. In 1911, it was established as a separate entity and was named as the Kyushu Imperial University. However, the university was renamed as the Kyushu University in 1947. In 2004, it was incorporated as a national university and became one of the country’s top universities.

    Today, students of this university can opt to study at its 12 undergraduate schools and various graduate schools and graduate facilities. As the nation’s top university with special emphasis on modern medical technology and engineering, and with the advent of new technology, the university is equipped with various research institutes and laboratories to augment and compliment its effort of educating its students, especially those engaged in robotics and technology.

    The Morooka Lab: Image Information and Robotics inside the school’s Faculty of Information Science and Electrical Engineering teaches students about human-symbiotic intelligent robots: robots that can work in complex environment to help people do their daily work. This lab is responsible for developing a dexterous multi-fingered robot hand that is equipped with soft skin and hard nail.

    Another lab that focuses on the study of robotics is the Kurazume Lab, which is extensively working to develop a robot that can function as a member of our society. These two labs are just among the many facilities that the university offers, with each facility contributing to the research of how robots can benefit people efficiently and effectively.

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