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Leading Edge Design

Leading Edge Design
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  • Halluc I Halluc I

    The Halluc 1, or Hallucigenia 01, is a vehicle robot developed by FuRo and Leading Edge Design. It represents what vehicles may look like in the future. The robot has eight wheels and can move in multiple directions. With onboard sensors such as a three-axial…

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  • Halluc II Halluc II

    Future Robotics and Leading Edge Design have collaborated and redesigned the Halluc. The new Halluc, the Halluc II, has three modes: Vehicle, Insect, and Animal. It can run, crawl and walk in addition to moving in any direction. The Halluc II can carry…

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  • Morph 3 Morph 3

    Conventionally but solidly built, Morph 3 has a duralumin frame and can brace itself for falls. An advanced CPU, 30 servos, and 138 sensors make it highly athletic.

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