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  • Founded in 1948, Lely is an international company that aims at offering innovative solutions to the agricultural field. Cornelis and Arij van der Lely are the minds behind the company that invents unique agricultural products such as the Lely fertilizer spreader as well as the Lelyterra power harrow.

    In 1968, this company came with yet another innovative machine i.e. the Lelyterra power harrow that helped the company grow its sales at the global level. By providing innovative agricultural solutions, Lely aims at enhancing the financial as well as social wellbeing of agricultural contractors and farmers.  Another major goal of the company is devising new strategies to improve the living standards of cattle farmers at both financial and social level.

    The family owned company has succeeded in providing a revolutionary innovation to the dairy business. By introducing its Astronaut robotic milking system, Lely provided an amazing and cutting-edge model for milking systems. The company believes in developing new systems with sole goal of creating a brighter future for dairy farmers globally.

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