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Let's Make Robots
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  • Let’s Make Robots (LMR) is a robot building community where robot makers of all skill levels chat about robots, give and receive advice on how to solve problems they encounter while building robots, and share their creations with other like-minded robot enthusiasts. LMR was founded in 2008 and is financially supported almost entirely by donations from the community.

    Start Here Robot

    The Start Here Robot can be built and programmed in just a couple hours. The instructions for this robot are published for free on LMR, meant as an exercise to teach the basics of robotics to beginners. Users can go out and buy the materials for the Start Here Robot themselves, or buy a robot kit directly from LMR.

    Once users successful build a Start Here, there are instruction guides for more complex projects on LMR so they can further expand their robot-making knowledge and capabilities.  


    LMR has a challenges page where users challenge other users to complete a task, mostly just for the sake of competition, sometimes for small cash or gift card prizes. Users cannot post a challenge if they cannot solve it themselves. Examples of previous challenges include building the best single motor robot and building the smallest possible untethered robot that has a microcontroller or programmed interface instead of just being remote controlled.


    Every user has a collections page, where they keep track of their favorite robots, blogs, forum posts, tips, and other users on LMR. This system also helps users sort through the most popular content on the site, as there is a “Most Collected” tab that links to the pages that are collected by the most people. 

    Marketplace (Coming Soon)

    LMR is developing an online marketplace where users can buy and sell robots, materials, and instructions to each other. 

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