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Mechatronic Systems and Robotics Research Group

University of Surrey
Mechatronic Systems and Robotics Research Group
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  • Mechatronic Systems and Robotics Research Group, University of Surrey

    The Mechatronics Systems and Robotics Research (MSRR) Group has been part of the world of robotics and automation since 1976. Led by Professor Graham Parker, the MSRR group is best known for its work not only in the field of industrial robot calibration but also in the development of robotic stereo vision systems.

    Based in the University of Surrey Robotics Lab, the MSRR Group has been inside the university’s campus since 1989. Aside from the group’s office facilities, also found at the lab are the research facilities, which includes industrial and laboratory robotic workcells, a Bosch conveyor system and the laser metrology area.

    The MSRR group has 3 industrial robot arm systems which composed of 2 Unimation Puma’s and 1 Adept Systems Scara device on hand aside from the three Zymark laboratory testing robot which was donated by Esso UK. The group also has a customized RWI mobile vehicle at its facility.

    Also at the MSRR facility is a Bosch flexible manufacturing workcell which features a 40-foot conveyor and incorporates two industrial robots, vision systems and several other sensors. The MSRR group is also equipped with a state-of-the-art brushing technology mainly used for sweeping brushes and vehicles. With its LABVIEW environment, brush speed, axial torque and wear can be recovered automatically.

    Among the recent research projects that MSRR has undertaken includes the utilization of augmented reality (AR). Here virtual reality graphics blend with real video images. There is also work on haptic feedback, which is the lab’s own phantom device being used in robotic teleoperations and applications.

    The group has also performed research about telepresence for operations in remote and dangerous environments, including advanced specialist vehicular technologies, which includes sensors being used in mobile vehicles, sewer robots and on autonomous road sweepers, and the machine vision for automated inspection and non-destructive testing.

    The group also teaches courses to undergraduates of BEng and MEng, and also to modular MSc in Advanced manufacturing Management Technology students.




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