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National Taiwan U. of Sc. & Tech.

National Taiwan U. of Sc. & Tech.
  • Taiwan, Province of China
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  • National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (NTUST) is one of the country’s top public or national technological universities. Commonly known as the Taiwan Tech, NTUST was established in 1974 and became Taiwan’s first and leading higher education institution based on the country’s technical and vocational educational system.

    The school started with only four departments namely; the departments of Industrial Management, Electronic Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and the Department of Textile Engineering. Today, the school has a total of 24 departments with 24 graduate programs, which are then organized into 7 colleges.

    Among these colleges is the College of Engineering that aims at educating students with the latest technology and arming them with solid experience, allowing them to compete globally.

    As the country’s leading technological university, Taiwan Tech has various specialized labs and research centers focusing mainly on the study of robotics and information technology. One of these labs includes the AIRL or the Advanced Intelligent Robot Laboratory, which was responsible for developing the Robot that has facial expressions.

    To further boost their claim of being the best in the region, the school sent its HuroEvolution AD team to compete at the RoboCup soccer competition in the Netherlands. The team led by Kuo Chung-hsien showcased human-like robots displaying their skills in football and was successful in obtaining the first place.

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