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  • PaPeRo R500 PaPeRo R500

    Papero R500 is a social robot designed to keep people company. This mobile robot can walk and dance and be used to access the Internet. It knows more than 200 words with its speech recognition. When Papero's battery is low, you can autonomously dock it…

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  • PaPeRo-mini PaPeRo-mini

    The Papero Mini robot is only 9.84 inches tall. It has a wide-angle camera which gives it a 180-degree view. This tiny robot has a ARM 9192 CPU and DSP processor, which makes it more advanced than Papero. It also has speech recognition and synthesis.

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  • Pivo-kun Pivo-kun

    Pivo-kun is the robotic guiding agent for Nissan's Pivo 2 electric concept car. It guides drivers using GPS, and keeps them alert by talking and nonverbal communication.

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  • R100 R100

    R100 is a fun entertainment robot developed by NEC. This cute robot has bright colors and will cheer you up if you feel down. It can greet you by name and has 300 pre-installed phrases to express. R100 is Wi-Fi enabled and can read your email. It also…

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