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Nippon Engineering College

Nippon Engineering College
  • Japan
  • University
  • Robotics Developer


  • The Nippon Engineering College is one of the best Japanese technical colleges wherein students, especially those who are interested in the latest technology, can benefit from exceptional learning experience from highly-qualified professors.

    Students interested in robotics can benefit from the various departments, research centers, facilities and laboratories that the technical college is equipped with. Nippon Engineering College’s Robotics and Mechanics Department has been educating thousands of students, providing them a wide range of skills by helping them learn how to develop, create and operate robots. This allows them to be top corporate robot engineers in the future.

    Among the many robots developed inside Nippon Engineering College, the Karfe Lady robot is the most notable of all. This Japanese humanoid robot was developed by engineering students at the college, and is capable of playing rock-paper-scissors. Other robots developed inside Nippon Engineering College include the radio controlled flying robot.

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