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Ntl. Inst. of Advanced Industrial Science and Tech. (AIST)

Ntl. Inst. of Advanced Industrial Science and Tech. (AIST)
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  • HRP 2m Choromet HRP 2m Choromet

    Japanese humanoid HRP-2M Choromet runs on Linux. It recognizes objects, performs human motions, and follows commands using numerous sensors and 20 DOF.

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  • HRP 1S HRP 1S

    Honda's full-size humanoid HRP 1S can be controlled remotely and has stereo vision, fine grasp capabilities, a 2 kph walking speed, and 28 minutes of battery life.

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  • MKR 3 MKR 3

    MKR-3 is a Japanese robot used for delivery of medications in hospitals. It can push a 33 kg trolley for up to an hour before automatically docking itself to recharge.

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  • Noby Noby

    Noby is a baby humanoid robot built to resemble a nine month old. It has soft urethane skin, 600 sensors for its sensor and motor functions and two cameras. Noby is connected to a powerful computer and was created by Yasou Kuniyoshi to help study the…

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  • Paro Paro

    AIST developed the seal-like robot PARO in 2001. Considered to be a therapeutic robot, it has voice and touch recognition and can tell when it is being held. PARO has the ability to improve motivation and relaxation among patients by making sounds, imitating…

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  • T-Rex T-Rex

    Advance Industrial Science and Technology developed a bipedal dinosaur robot called T-REX that can roar and walk on its two feet. It has 27 joint axes and has a realistic motion.

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