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Oxford Technologies

Oxford Technologies
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  • Oxford Technologies Ltd was founded in 2000 by the engineers and managers, who had offered the remote handling service for a nuclear fusion research project for over 10 years.

    Since then, this JET remote handling system has been the only operational remote handling system for a nuclear fusion machine in the world.


    The goal of Oxford Technologies is to develop expertise and technologies for implementing cost-effective and fit-for purpose solutions for remote handling applications. The development of the JET remote handling system has given Oxford Technologies the knowledge it is now using in the production of a maintenance system for the ITER fusion reactor.

    This reactor is an experimental European project that still hasn’t found the right solution for cleaning and maintaining the systems.

    Oxford Technologies Ltd is also involved in a project known as Project Dexter, which aims at developing a remote handling system that can be controlled by a person using a master-slave connection. These remote handling systems can be used in many different sectors like robotics, mechanical engineering and mechatronic engineering.

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