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PAL Robotics

PAL Robotics
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  • Based in Barcelona, PAL Robotics is a Spanish company committed to the research and development of humanoid robots. The company aims at providing robotic products and services that integrate in the people’s daily life. PAL Robotics designs humanoid robots to serve the people, which is why it believes in providing reliable solutions to not only help in people’s daily life but improve their quality of life as well.

    Being closely connected to Pal Technology, a Middle East Technology Group, the company is part of the ROYAL Group that is based in Abu Dhabi, UAE. The team of PAL Robotics consists of people from different countries, primarily engineers, in the fields of software, mechanics and electronics, with knowledge and extensive experience in the robotic industry.

    The short-term goals of the company include introducing global solutions and best practices to help its customers adapt and succeed in the business environment, enhancing the image and brand recognition of PAL Robotics, and promoting sustained growth by partnering with top companies from a variety of focus-markets.

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