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  • Delivery Robot Delivery Robot

    Delivery Robot was developed by Panasonic as a healthcare robot. It can navigate through hospitals dispersing medication as needed. Only 1 out of 50,000 ampules were broken by this amazing robot during tests. Delivery Robot has integrated sensors that…

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  • Evolta Traveler Evolta Traveler

    Panasonic developed a humanoid called Evolta Traveler. Made from ultra-light materials, it traveled a distance of 500 kilometers from Tokyo to Kyoto using 12 Evolta batteries.

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  • Evolta Car Evolta Car

    Panasonic and ROBO-GARAGE developed Evolta car which holds the Guiness World Record title “The Longest Distance Covered by A Battery-Operated Remote-Controlled Model Car”.

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  • Evolta Evolta

    Panasonic in collaboration with ROBO-GARAGE developed a miniature humanoid robot called Evolta. It traveled from Tokyo to Kyoto while recharging its evolta batteries once a day.

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  • Hair-wash robot Hair-wash robot

    Panasonic's Hair-Washing robot was developed to wash, rinse, and dry hair for elderly and disabled people. It can even give a scalp massage with its 24 gentle robotic fingers. It will be a huge help in medical and hospice settings, providing a faster,…

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    Resembling a mobile cabinet, Panasonic’s HOSPI robot uses ultrasonic sensors to navigate through hospitals and deliver medicines with an industry-low breakage rate.

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  • PorterBot PorterBot

    PorterBot takes a load off of transporting luggage at airports and hotels. It carries up to 44 pounds and follows you with a built-in navigation system while avoiding objects.

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  • Robotic Bed Robotic Bed

    Panasonic’s Robotic Bed benefits hospitals and salons. The bed provides comfort and independence, and a hair-washing robot frees up employee time to perform other tasks.

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