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Philips Medical Systems

Philips Medical Systems
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  • Philips is a large multinational enterprise founded in the Netherlands more than a century ago. The company has expanded horizontally and vertically, creating many products for many different electronic sectors. Although they started out by making light bulbs, today Philips is known for its consumer electronics like TVs, vacuum cleaners and newer version of light bulbs. Philips is not only globally known for producing electronic products, the company is a market leader in the healthcare sector as well.

    Philips Medical Care combines its unique clinical expertise with human insights for developing products that provide added value to the healthcare cycle: ranging from disease prevention, diagnosis, screening and treatment as well as follow up in hospital or at home. Whether it is X-ray machines, CT scan equipment or Patient Care and Monitoring systems, Philips innovates and produces world-class imaging systems with its focus on the needs of care teams and patients. Striving to make the world more sustainable through innovation, Philips uses a large portion of its revenue for research and development purposes.  In 2012, Philips invested 8% of its total sales in the research and development of new products along with the improvement of existing ones.

    Philips Medical Care is currently involved in the Remote Robotics project, which aims at developing a robotic system that will ultimately help to improve the quality of life of the patients.  The goal is to develop and produce an affordable robot in the upcoming 7 years for hospital and home care purposes.

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