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Queen's U.

Queen's U.
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  • Based in Kingston, Ontario, Queen's University (informally known as Queen's) is a well-known Canadian public research university.

    In the year 1841, Queen Victoria issued a royal charter for the establishment of the Queen’s University. The university was officially established on October 16th of the same year while classes started on March 7th, 1842 with two professors and 13 students.

    For almost a decade, the school moved from house to house in Kingston until it finally settled in Summerhill. Just like most universities and colleges, Queen’s faced financial difficulties during its early years of progress and development.

    In 1854, the Faculty of Medicine was established. In 1893, the university established the Ontario School of Mining and Agriculture, which is the forerunner of Queen’s Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science. Later, in 1945, the university initiated several new facilities and schools, including the school of Physical and Health Education as well as the new building for Mechanical Engineering.

    Today, Queen’s offers a wide range of academic opportunities to both Canadian and international students. Students can choose to study in any of its various departments, including its Faculties of Education, Engineering & Applied Science, Health sciences, Law, Business, and the School of Graduate Studies.

    To further help students make the most of their university experience, the Mechanical and Materials Engineering under the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science has established its own Robotics Laboratory. Here, students can learn to focus on the design, kinematics, force and stiffness of parallel manipulators. Moreover, students at the Queen's University were able to develop the FANUC F-200i Robot as well as address the failure analysis of DEXTER parallel manipulator.

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