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Reach Robotics
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  • Reach Robotics is a new UK-based company started by Bristol University student and teacher Silas Adekunle. As a robotics engineer, life long hobby robot enthusiast, gamer and STEM advocate, Adekunle founded the company in 2013 to share his passion for robotics with the world.     

    Based in Bristol at the Bristol Robotics Lab Incubator, Reach Robotics is currently developing the first robot gaming system, Mecha Monsters. The prototype system – which is getting closer to mass-market production – uses the real world as its arena and is controlled via an Android or IOS app for smartphone.

    The system is customizable and may offer an entrée into programming for gamers wanting to take the next step. Adekunle and Reach Robotics recently presented their product at the Pitch@Palace showcase sponsored by the Duke of York, where they won People’s Choice Runner-up. The startup is continuing to fund-raise and seek partners to help bring Mecha Monsters to market some time in 2015.

    The Mecha robots were created to fulfil an essential role within STEM education and provide an engaging and accessible route into robotics, coding and mechanics for children and adults. It’s a robotics revolution, right in the palm of your hand.


    Silas Adekunle

    Silas Adekunle

    Reach Robotics and Mecha Monsters are the brainchild of Bristol Robotics Lab student and teacher Silas Adekunle a robotics engineer, life long hobby robot enthusiast, gamer and STEM advocate.

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