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  • Chroino Chroino

    ROBO-GARAGE developed a small humanoid called Chroino. It can walk naturally like a human using SHIN-Walk technology, and can kick a ball, stand up and balance itself.

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  • Enryu T-52 Enryu T-52

    TMSUK Co. Ltd. and ROBO-GARAGE developed a heavy duty robot called Enryu T-52. It has arms to lift heavy objects, and can be controlled from a cockpit or a remote control.

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  • Evolta Traveler Evolta Traveler

    Panasonic developed a humanoid called Evolta Traveler. Made from ultra-light materials, it traveled a distance of 500 kilometers from Tokyo to Kyoto using 12 Evolta batteries.

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  • Evolta Car Evolta Car

    Panasonic and ROBO-GARAGE developed Evolta car which holds the Guiness World Record title “The Longest Distance Covered by A Battery-Operated Remote-Controlled Model Car”.

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  • Evolta Evolta

    Panasonic in collaboration with ROBO-GARAGE developed a miniature humanoid robot called Evolta. It traveled from Tokyo to Kyoto while recharging its evolta batteries once a day.

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  • FT (Female Type) FT (Female Type)

    Tomotaka Takahashi developed a female robot called FT or the 'Female Type'. This biped humanoid has the lean body of a woman, and uses the SHIN walk technology for smooth walking.

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  • Manoi PF01 Manoi PF01

    Tomotaka Takahashi and Kyosho has created Manoi PF01 whose design and programming is based on the style and actions of anime characters. It is equipped with an RC servo module.

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  • Moogle Moogle

    Moogle is a specialized robot for inspection of confined spaces. It's controlled via Wi-Fi, has cameras for driving and inspecting, and operates for an hour per charge.

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  • Murasaki Murasaki

    Robo Garage’s Murasaki robot will thrill “The Tale of Genji” fans. Beautifully dressed and designed, it tells the story of court lady Murasaki Shikibu through an MP3 player.

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    Robo Garage created a realistic-looking humanoid robot called Neon. This robot was part of the Robodex 2003 during the "astroboy" birth celebration. It has electromagnets in its foot to create its walking motion. Neon was created to limit the inequality…

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    The Penpal robot was released by Robo-Garage in 2008. It is a small robot, only 30 cm tall, and weighs 1.5 kg. Penpal was developed to be a communication robot and can record messages that can be played back later. It was designed for sick and elderly…

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  • Robovie R3UNR Robovie R3UNR

    Robovie R3UNR is a humanoid robot that assists elderly and disabled people. In addition to this role, it also functions as a tour guide, helping people learn about Japan.

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    The ROPID robot by Robo Garage can walk, run, and jump with impressive speed. It can also talk and respond to voice commands, and has big anime eyes and a cute mouth.

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