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Robot Force

Robot Force
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  • Cherubim Cherubim

    Cherubim is a transforming robot created by Robot Force. It has competed in several robotics events, such as ROBO-One. This fully functional robot is capable of transforming itself into the form of a racecar. It can also play soccer. Robot Force plans…

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  • Dog-Wan Dog-Wan

    Daisen and Robot Force have created Dog-Wan; a quadruped robot made to entertain and assist its users. Dog-Wan can wag its tail, carry things in its mouth, and perform other dog common gestures. It has 24 degrees of freedom and can move forward and backward…

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  • NeeBo NeeBo

    Robot Force developed a low cost fighting robot called NeeBo. It has two degrees of freedom, takes small steps while walking and can be remotely controlled using Kondo KHR-1 controller.

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  • Sambi Sambi

    Japan's Robot Force customized Sambi from an KHR-3HV hobby kit. This customized humanoid is dressed in a yellow costume and has vibrant cherry blossom-colored hair, making it a cute robot friend. It is reminiscent of an anime character in appearance and…

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