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  • BIOLOID Premium BIOLOID Premium

    The versatile Bioloid Premium robot is an educational robot. It comes in a robot kit with parts and instructions. A biped humanoid robot, it can walk and has a remote control.

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  • Cycloid III Cycloid III

    Cycloid III was developed as a smaller, cheaper version of Cycloid II: it's a bit shorter and has 4 fewer degrees of freedom, but is otherwise similar to its predecessor.

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  • Cycloid II Cycloid II

    Cycloid II is a kit robot from Robotis. Part of a humanoid series, it uses Dynamixel actuators and a CM2 control module. It's equipped with Bluetooth and a USB receiver.

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    South Korean company Robotis developed a service humanoid called URIA. It provides information to its users, lets them perform video conferencing, and navigates on uneven terrain.

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