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RoboWatch Ind.

RoboWatch Ind.
  • Germany
  • Company
  • Robotics Developer


  • Mosro

    RoboWatch Technologies developed MOSRO which is a security robot. This autonomous robot can detect potential problems in the enrironment and can warn in more than twenty languages.

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  • Mosro MINI Mosro MINI

    RoboWatch created a security robot called MOSRO MINI. This guard robot can navigate autonomously, avoid obstacles and operate for a long time due to connected charging station.

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  • Mosro 1 Mosro 1

    Robowatch created a security robot called MOSRO 1. It can guard large areas for a long time, and can be used as personal security, to protect from theft and crimes, and warn against fire and smoke.

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    The German company RoboWatch developed a wheeled security robot called OFRO. It can protect people, products, and facilities, and can take decisions after evaluating the situations.

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