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  • Established in 2010, Robugtix stands as Amoeba Robotics Ltd.’s trademark. The Hong Kong-based Company performs various projects and programs in the fields of engineering, research and design. It aims at offering innovative and modern robotics systems for academic and professional use globally.

    When it comes to development, the company not only focuses on devising solutions to existing problems but it also works to find improved, more useful, more innovative, and modular systems. The company’s goal is offering the most novel solutions to meet the ever-changing technological demands.

    The company also has its official website, Robugtix.com, which focuses on the creation of bio-inspired robots that have multiple legs. The website claims to have spent several hours on research as well as development so that user-friendly and versatile robotic systems can be established. One of the major achievements of Robugtix is the Bigfoot Inverse Kinematics Engine that has an automatic system to deal with the complicated math calculations needed for taking control of multi-legged robots. This means that instead of worrying about complicated details, users will be able to easily use the robot, making it do whatever they want.

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