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ROC Flevoland

ROC Flevoland
  • Netherlands
  • University


  • The ROC Flevoland, together with many other educational institutions in the region, is a partner of the Robot Techniek Lab (Technical Robot Lab). Partially funded by the European Union, this project aims at investing in the future of science. Together with schools, businesses are also enthusiastic about the idea to improve education in the field of robotics. Robot Lab’s research facilities provide the opportunity for schools and companies to exchange valuable information and knowledge, and students to work on real projects.

    The idea is to inject new energy in the field of robotics and to re-introduce this field of science to students. This sector has shown a steady decline of interest in the past decade, even though the business world has a large demand of skilled workers due to increasing technological applications for domestic and industrial problems. This project will serve as a new educational boost that will try to close this gap between the supply and demand.

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