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S[&]T Vision

S[&]T Vision
  • Netherlands
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  • Founded in 2000, S[&]T or Science [&] Technology Corporation is a well-known Dutch firm that aims at developing high tech software solutions in the sensor sector, computer vision sector as well as bioinformatics sector.

    S[&]T products are a result of innovative projects, that mainly depend on software. The unique products and solutions can be applied to other fields and are usually developed into reusable products. This is achieved by partnering with other firms in the field.

    S[&]T specializes in project implementations as well as product develop­­ments that are based on science and technology. Apart from developing and delivering reliable software solutions, the company also provides short-term and long-term staff for different projects. S[&]T exclusively hires PhD and MSc engineers to use a balanced combination of advanced systems engineering and technology skills. In fact, the company uses this unique approach is to develop creative, user-friendly and affordable solutions for complicated problems.

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