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  • Ahra Ahra

    Ahra was created as a counterpart to humanoid robot Mahru. She has facial and object recognition and can walk and turn when confronted by obstacles. Ahra can follow simple instruction given by the user. The robot's scent changes depending on its mood.

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  • Ahra II Ahra II

    Look out, Ahra. KIST has made a new and improved version of this robot, the Ahra 2. The latest version of their humanoid Femme Fatale has an improved intelligence and can grasp and pick up objects. It also has better object, gesture, image and voice recognition.…

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    ANTOR is a humanoid companion robot standing 35 cm tall and weighing just 2 kg. Its flexible design and simultaneously operating motors allow it to walk and dance.

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  • April April

    Samsung electronics developed a female robot called April. Although it is unable to stand or walk, it can move its head and hands, and make fluid-like motion with musical beats.

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  • Home Security Dog Home Security Robot Dog

    The Samsung Home Security Dog was a competitor to Sony’s AIBO. When Samsung launched the robot in 2001, it made headlines all over the world. The robot dog has a child-friendly appearance and can record video, making it a great home security tool. It…

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  • iComar iComar

    Samsung Korea has created an "edutainment" robot, the iComar. This small robot can function as a home security robot, sounding an alarm and texting its owner if it detects unusual activity. It also has Internet connectivity, allowing two-way live video…

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  • iMaro 3 iMaro 3

    The iMaro-3 ISR was created by SAIT as a service robot. It greets people at the Seoul International Airport. The iMaro-3 ISR helps passengers find the correct terminal. It also provides snapshots of the person it assists and has pre-programmed maps to…

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  • Mahru III Mahru III

    The Korea Institute of Science and Technology and Samsung Electronics has created another robot: the Mahru III. A prototype robot for future household companions, it is energy efficient and lightweight thanks to its Computer Aided Engineering analysis.…

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  • Mahru II Mahru II

    The Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST) together with Samsung Electronics Co. Limited has created another version of Mahru: the Mahru II. An upgraded version of Mahru I, it is equipped with an external server that is connected to a network,…

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  • Mahru Mahru

    Mahru is a cute robot made by the Korea Institute of Science and Technology. This bipedal can mimic a user’s actions in real-time. Mahru also has the ability to adapt in a changed space, such as where objects have been moved. This versatile robot can…

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  • Navibot VCR8855 Navibot VCR8855

    Samsung developed a vacuum cleaning robot called Navibot VCR8855. This robot has 5 cleaning modes and can even handle pet fur. Its Visionary Mapping System determines the best way to clean your floors. Three cliff sensors allow the robot to recognize…

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  • Navibot S Navibot S

    Samsung has created an improved vacuuming robot, the Navibot S. It has a unique Auto-Dust Emptying feature, and its updated sensors provide safer cleaning. Samsung’ s Pet Hair System allows the robot to even handle pet fur. When it needs to recharge…

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