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Schiebel Coorporation

Schiebel Coorporation
  • Austria
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  • The Vienna-based Schiebel Corporation specializes in the development of composite technologies, landmine detection systems and aviation innovations that include robotics and sensor technology. With offices in Washington, DC, Phnom Penh and Abu Dhabi and a sophisticated production facility near Vienna, Schiebel proposes customized engineering solutions for specialized products that have both military and civil applications.

    Since 2006, Schiebel has been perfecting and manufacturing an award-winning unmanned air vehicle (UAV or “drone”). The Camcopter S-100 has been certified for flight by both the Austrian AustroControl and the European Aviation Safety Agency and is now Schiebel’s lead product. To date they have sold approximately 200 in the non-military marketplace at a cost of several million euros per system.

    As new legislation around drone technology is being drafted in different parts of the world, Schiebel stands behind its cutting edge product for countless civil uses and offers full training and operating support services. 

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