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    Scoutbots is a Hong Kong-based non-profit organization founded by Cesar Harada. It is dedicated to develop Open Hardware technologies to explore and protect the Ocean. Scoutbots is focused primarily on the sailing robot "Protei" but plan to eventually develop more technologies for exploring and protecting the ocean.

    When Protei is completed, it will revolutionize oil and plastic cleanup in our oceans. Protei is a low-cost open-source oil-collecting robot that autonomously sails upwind, intercepting oil sheens going downwind. A particular focus of this project is perfecting the autonomous abilities of these robots, so whole fleets of Protei will one day work together as a swarm.  


    Priorities and Values

    Scoutbots maintains that, unlike most companies, their priority is not to maximize profits. Some environmental organizations use the “green” label as a marketing ploy but don’t follow through with actions that truly help the environment. This is not the case with Scoutbots. They list their ethical priorities in the following order:

    • Nature
    • People
    • Technology
    • Money


    The Scoutbots community also lists the following 8 principles as their core values:

    1. Explore, live beyond the frontline (heroic courage). That is the life of the scout.

    2. Protect life (compassion). Life around you.

    3. Be creative and persistent. Make, Test, Share (creativity, resourcefulness)

    4. Be Open. Be transparent, learn, and grow.

    5. Be honest and sincere (integrity)

    6. Be humble (respect)

    7. Love or leave. Be true, live your passion.

    8. Explore, live beyond the frontline (heroic courage)


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