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Section Dynamics and Control, TU Eindhoven

Section Dynamics and Control, TU Eindhoven
  • Netherlands
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  • The Technical University of Eindhoven (TUE) has a special research group within the mechanical engineering faculty. The group’s mission is to conduct research in the area of Dynamics and Control. The group focuses on modeling, analyzing and controlling mechanical and mechatronic systems. The Dynamics and Control research team is divided into five different areas of research, of which one is Vehicle Dynamics. The two main projects are researching the possibilities in the field of electronic transport while striving to develop a steer-by-wire technology.

    Another area of research is Non-linear Control of Motion Systems and Robotics. Members from this area of expertise are involved in Team Tech United, the university’s robotics team, which participates in the RoboCup. The Technical University of Eindhoven and Team Tech United are known for playing high-level robot football at the international level.

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