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Seiko Epson

Seiko Epson
  • Japan
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  • Monsieur EM10A Monsieur EM10A

    A 3 cubic cm sterling silver micro-robot, Monsieur EM10A moves to light it detects with photodiode sensors in each eye. Its antennae serve as electrodes for charging.

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  • Monsieur II-P EM30A Monsieur II-P EM30A

    Monsieur II-P EM30A is 3rd in the EMRos series of micro-robots from Seiko Epson. It's larger and exponentially faster than EM10A and has Bluetooth for wireless control.

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  • Ricordo EM21A Ricordo EM21A

    Tiny robot Ricordo is only one cubic centimeter in size. However, this little robot developed by Epson has a lot to offer. Its high memory capacity allows it to play back audio it records. Ricordo can also chase any light source and has mobility functions.

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