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Semnan U.

Semnan U.
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  • Semnan University is an Iranian university that traces its history back to 1974 when the initial nucleus of the Semnan University was formed. This was made possible after the establishment of the Semnan Higher Education Center in 1975 which launched its activities starting with 580 students to study in seven programs. The center came across extensive and fundamental changes at the end of the Islamic Revolution.

    In 1989, the Semnan Higher Education Center was renamed as the Semnan Higher Education Complex and replaced its Electronic and Civil programs with a Bachelor degree. The school decided to open its Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Teacher Training and the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, and eventually changed its status to Semnan University in 1994.

    Today, the school offers 60 programs for bachelor’s degree, 95 programs for Master’s Degree, and 55 PhD programs. With over 15,000 students enrolled at this Iranian university, the school provides students hands-on experience and advanced learning facilities at its 25 faculties, 2 colleges, 2 institutes, 9 research groups, a Science and Technology Park, and an Advanced Technologies Incubator Center.

    Despite being a relatively young and newly established university, the Semnan University has continually researched on ways and means to improve not only its facilities and physical structures but also its teaching capabilities, especially in the field of technology and in the world of robotics.

    Researchers at this university were able to describe new findings in robotics. According to the research, “The balancing of robotics systems is a vital issue considering that it allows significant reduction of torques. However, the literature review shows that the balancing of robotic systems is done without considering the travelling trajectory.”

    This type of intensive robotics and machine learning research shows that the Semnan University is serious in its training and in providing its students vital know-how, which they can utilize in the real world.

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