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    Senshu University is a private university situated in Chiyoda in Tokyo, Japan. It was founded in 1880 as the Senshu College and was the first school in the country to offer Economics and Law, which was systematically offered as a specialized educational curriculum in Nihonggo.

    Ten years earlier, the Meiji government asked local governments to send qualified individuals inside the government to developed countries as overseas observers. Nagatane Soma, Inajiro Tajiri, Tanetaro Megata and Shigetada Komai were picked and were shipped to the U.S. to study. While in the U.S., Soma and Megata forged a tie with the others and eventually created “the Japan Law Company” study group. Tajiri and Komai studied economics and public finance and started translating academic books into the Japanese language.

    Upon their return to Japan, Senshu College was established, and with their experience in the U.S., they created the first school in the country that comprised Economics and Law Departments to methodically provide a specialized educational curriculum in the Japanese language. And at that time, the school’s educational system, although largely taken from the U.S., was one step ahead.

    In July, 1913 it was renamed as the Senshu Private University. Four years later, an accounting department was added to the college, and in 1919 it was renamed as Senshu University.

    During its developmental years, the school experienced massive revamps including additions and closings of departments. One of them was its Law Department, which was suspended; and after two years, it was ordered to stop accepting enrollees for this course. It was not until 1927 that the department was re-established.

    In modern times, the school added the Advanced Specialized Courses in Civil Engineering and Agricultural Machinery at their Hokkaido College of Senshu University in 1976.

    In 1979, the school celebrated its 100th foundation day, and ten years later the Ishinomaki Senshu University was established under the School of Science and Engineering and School of Business Administration.

    Here, at the department of Mechanical Engineering, students are immersed at modern mechanical engineering. The fundamentals of the course are especially beneficial to those who want to contribute to today’s modern industry.

    At this lab, the students’ creativeness is enhanced, and their abilities (which include dynamics of machines, fluid mechanics, robotics, and computer aided engineering) are further developed. Among the areas that this course offers include: Energy conversion, dynamics of machines, Mechatronics and Intelligent robotics, and laser processing.

    To showcase their skills and talents, a group of students from Ishinomaki Senshu University joined the 2012 IRC competition and unveiled their “my home security robot,” a self content, single robot equipped with graspers and wheels. It also has sensors using light waves.

    From a very humble beginning 130 years ago, the school is now looking forward to the 21st century, with a mission to help in contributing solutions to social problems of the coming century.

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