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Singapore Polytechnic

Singapore Polytechnic
  • Singapore
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  • In 1954, Singapore’s first ever polytechnic institute was established in order to train skilled personnel who will lead the wide ranging industries and businesses in the country.

    The Singapore Polytechnic offers 50 full-time diploma courses and a great array of continuing education programs. It has ten academic schools and one academic department. The SP, as this institution is also known, includes Mechatronics and Robotics (DMRO) wherein students can work confidently with various industrial clients and can also join high profile and notable robotics competitions not only in Singapore but across the globe.

    Among the numerous projects being developed by students at the DMRO includes the DMRO Anthropomorphic Android Prototype Robot, the iPad Quad-Flyer, the Transformer, and the DMRO Android Head.

    With these various robots being created and developed inside the school’s DMRO, Singapore is clearly showing the world how they have excelled in the field of robotics.

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