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Sint Maartenskliniek

Sint Maartenskliniek
  • Netherlands
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  • The Sint Maartens clinic is a leading Dutch hospital specializing in the treatment of diseases related to posture and movement. The clinic invests in the development of robotic equipment that can help in the rehabilitation of posture and movement disorders.

    The Sint Maartens clinic, together with several Dutch companies and the University of Twente , is involved in the Lopes (Lower-extremity Powered ExoSkeleton) project, which aims at developing the exoskeleton to help people recover movement in their legs. Stroke patients usually have restricted function in their legs. The robotic body suit can help spark a memory function in the brain to help recover the lost movement.

    Moreover, just like six other Dutch rehabilitation centers, the Sint Maartens clinic is part of the Dutch project ROBAR. The seven rehabilitation facilitates were equipped with ArmeoBoom arm support systems to see how these robotic arms can contribute to the rehabilitation process. The project showed good results early on.

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