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Smart Homes

Smart Homes
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  • Founded in 1993, Smart Homes is a Dutch company that is involved in the development of accessible, smart and understandable technology solutions for the personal living environment. Smart Homes provides a variety of services that can be divided into 3 major areas, including home automation, experience and knowledge sharing, collaborate and connect, and national, regional and European innovation.

    At Smart Homes, there are five different stages of Domotica, from homes with standalone object that functions intelligently, to fully functional homes that communicate with internal and external networks, where patterns are learned and used to adapt to the specific needs of the users. The fact that this involves a lot of technology means that a company like Smart Homes needs to be up-to-date and make investments in research and development.

    Smart Homes is currently involved in two projects, with the aim of using technology to let the elderly live independently in their homes for as long as possible. Project CompanionAble, for example, involves the development of a robot that can function as an in-house assistant. The robot is known as Hector, and will keep track of the person’s food and medicine routine. It will also be equipped with a fall detection system that could autonomously alarm the emergency services.

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