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Snail Aid

Snail Aid
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  • Snail-Aid is a non-profit enterprise that works for social problems. It aims at directing individual creativity and local resources toward new technologies in order to achieve end-users’ independence.

    Snail-Aid is committed to understanding the diverse needs of end-users in technical settings while providing simple and effective solutions to various problems in fields like energy production, agriculture as well as Mine Action.

    In an attempt to better understand Mine Action problems, Snail-Aid has conducted widespread research on the implementation of technology in the field, in a wide variety of mine affected countries, including Jordan, Mozambique, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Kosovo, Thailand, Georgia, Mauritania, Namibia and Kurdistan. Moreover, Snail-Aid has participated in Mine Risk Education trainings. In fact, Snail-Aid is expected to supervise the Mine Risk Education part of FP7’s TIRAMISU project.

    In short, Snail-Aid’s main objective is to increase awareness about using technology designed in participatory ways while using end-users as a tool for favoring human development. By improving and formalizing technical knowledge and training, Snail-Aid aims at fostering innovation for providing more effective solutions to practical problems.

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