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Snoek Advies

Snoek Advies
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  • Snoek Advies is a Dutch company that aims at providing solutions to medical problems. The usual problems circle around providing the right medical services at affordable costs. The healthcare industry is under a lot of stress, which is partially caused by an aging population. The development of new technologies, products or services can help relieve this stress.

    Snoek Advies is part of the Dutch project ROBAR, which granted ArmeoBoom equipment to the seven Dutch rehabilitation facilities. The ArmeoBoom is a robotic arm support developed to help in the rehabilitation of people who suffered from a stroke. The project will enable therapists to work on multiple patients at the same time, and patients themselves can also work on their own. The ArmeoBoom system works with a system of games that will motivate people to work on their own rehabilitation, which will drastically improve the efficiency in the medical sector.

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