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  • Aibo ERS-7 AIBO ERS-7

    The SONY AIBO ERS-7 is an entertainment robot dog. Besides being able to speak 1000 words, it can keep a diary with pictures and read blog for you. The AIBO ERS-7 is also capable of video and audio recording. It is customizable through its service packs.

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  • AIBO ERS-312 Macaron AIBO ERS-312 Macaron

    AIBO ERS-312 by Sony, also called AIBO Macaron, is a rare version of their robotic canine. It still uses a memory stick for software programs and can respond to scolding and praise. The Japanese AIBO ERS-312 has Bluetooth, but no other version has wireless…

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  • Aibo ERS-31L AIBO ERS-31L

    The AIBO ERS-31L is the last in SONY's robotic LM dog line. Like the other canine companions, it can speak and has speech recognition. The AIBO ERS-31L has a Clinic mode that helps to diagnose and fix most of the problem you might encounter with the…

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  • Aibo ERS-311 Latte AIBO ERS-311 Latte

    Sony's AIBO ERS-311 is another cute robot dog. It is less expensive than previous models but has fewer features. AIBO ERS-311 still has good points, however, including more sensors. The Japanese version comes with a remote, but it only works for the Bluetooth-enabled…

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  • Aibo ERS-210 AIBO ERS-210

    AIBO ERS-210 is Sony's second generation canine robot. This version offers more customization through five software packages. AIBO ERS-210 has software that allows you to help it "grow" from a puppy to an adult. A temperature sensor has also been added.

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  • AIBO ERS-220 AIBO ERS-220

    AIBO ERS-220 is Sony's fourth dog in the robotic canine series. This version has a digital camera to take photos for you. AIBO ERS-220 still has plenty of customizable games and movements that can be downloaded into its memory stick. It has a more futuristic…

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  • Aibo ERS-110 AIBO ERS-110

    Sony released its first canine entertainment robot, the AIBO ERS-110, in 1999. It sold over 5,000 units in the first week. The AIBO ERS-110 has a memory stick that allows you to customize the toy robot. It can walk, show different moods and respond to…

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  • Party Shot Party Shot

    If you are tired of being left out of photos, Sony's Party-Shot can change that. It automatically takes pictures and has facial and smile detection. It runs on two “AA” alkaline batteries or an AC adapter. Party-Shot can tilt, rotate and focus the camera…

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  • Q.taro Q.taro

    Q. Taro is an entertainment robot made by SONY. It has glowing lights that change color depending on the robot's mood. SONY nicknamed it “healing creature” because it was designed to improve the relationship between humans and robots.

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    Sony developed a humanoid called QRIO which has pinch detection sense. It has voice and face recognition, Wi-Fi, stereoscopic vision, visual mapping capacity and autonomous fingers.

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  • Rolly Rolly

    The Rolly robotic digital music player plays music and dances for your entertainment. Rolly has 2 GB of internal memory and can learn new moves through new motion files.

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  • SDR 4X SDR 4X

    Sony developed SDR-4X as a part of the SDR series. It has 24 synchronized joints; can walk, balance on one leg, get up, kick a ball, dance; and recognize image and sound.

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  • SDR 3X SDR 3X

    Sony's Dream robot, also known as SDR-3X, is a legged robot that can perform simple movements. It can walk, get up on its own, dance and perform many other actions.

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