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  • With its two offices in Brussels and Munich, SpaceTec Partners is a management, communications and strategy consultancy group.

    The consultancy group provides a wide range of services including, communication activities, strategy and technology consulting, and interdisciplinary project management. Particularly for public institutions in the space and space applications. Examples are the European Space Agency, European Commission, European GNSS Agency, National Ministries and the European Parliament.

    In Addition, SpaceTec Partners is involved in venture capital and offers business coaching for SMEs and start-up businesses.

    SpaceTec comprises of experienced technology and management consultants with extensive experience in space and its applications. The team is internationally known for offering unbiased and independent consultancy services. 

    SpaceTec’s areas of activity include geo-information, space (navigation, earth observation, satellite communication, situational awareness and exploration), security and defense, energy, mobile and mobility, and transportation and aviation.

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