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    Speecy’s Corporation developed the Internet Renaissance Robot or ITR. The droid uses Robot Mark-up Language and can download content from internet by connecting to a wireless LAN.

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  • SPC-003 SPC 3

    A repositioned center of gravity as well as gyro and gravity sensors make SPC-003 more stable than SPC-001. It has 2 neck joints and 3 more in its hands, arms, and hips.

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  • SPC-001 SPC 1

    Speecys Corp's 1st humanoid robot, SPC-001 was built for research purposes. The serial ports of its 21 actuators interface with a PC's USB port using installed drivers.

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  • Speecys-FC Speecys-FC

    Speecys Corp. developed the first fuel-cell powered humanoid called Speecys-FC. It contains fuel cell which produces electricity by reaction between hydrogen and oxygen.

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