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  • TeamDARE is a Dutch team of dedicated engineering experts who are committed to building robots. TeamDARE aims at designing and developing robotic solutions, with its focus on simplicity and affordability. Originating in 2001, teamDARE has been involved in building robots. It has participated in various competitions, such as Eurobot in 2005 and 2006, and Robot Wars in 2002.

    Moreover, the Dutch team has been involved in the Artemis Orchestra Contest since 2008. The contest aims at building a robot band that will be able to participate in an orchestra. Currently, the team is designing and developing a complete robotic band, which consists of a flute, a drum set, a guitar and a double bass. The guitar, for example, is covered by metal and wires, weighs ten kilos, and has unmatched speed and precision. The robotic band uses special software that translates the functions the robot has to perform, making it possible to let it play practically anything. 

    The Dutch Robotics team is also working on a mechatronic puppet, which has controllable eyes, ears and eyebrows. The friendly bright blue puppet uses computer commands to blink. This puppet will be further developed to respond autonomously with more expressions.

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