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  • Popularly known as “technology doctor” for a lot of new customers, Technobis is a company that assists other companies in the successful completion of difficult technological projects. Whether it is the hardware, software, motion control or mechanics that is creating trouble in the development of high-tech equipment, Technobis is always there to fix the problem by adapting to the project and working according to the specific needs of its customers. Technobis is actively contributing its efforts in the solar energy, life science and medical sector.

    In the medical sector, Technobis is cooperating with two Dutch universities and some other specialized high-tech companies for the development of a robotic needle. The project that the company is engaged in is called Project Piton, which involves the development of the first steerable MRI compatible needle. Inserting a needle is a basic, yet extremely important part of medicine. The project aims at making this procedure more precise and decreasing the risk of tissue damage by developing a robotic needle composed of non-magnetic material.

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