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  • Based in the Netherlands, Tegema is a company that innovates, realises and develops products, systems and processes, from ideas to prototypes, functional models or pre-production series. Besides building an idea into a feasible product, the company can also look after assembly, production, test equipment, tooling and commissioning. Tegema acts as an extension of the client’s research and development department by keeping a close eye on the potential markets. The company helps its clients by turning their dreams into realities, in the form of highly-successful, functionality-based and advanced products.

    Tegema is active in the high tech systems industry as well as in maritime and automotive innovation. In the medical sector, Tegema is currently using its expertise in the Dutch robotics project called Rose. This project deals with the development of a home care robot that is partly automated, but remains under human control. The development and eventual production of these robots will help the elderly or disabled people to live independently in their own homes while being assisted by a robotic system. Not only will this project help the consumer, but it will benefit the healthcare system as well.

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