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The Corpora

The Corpora
  • Spain
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  • Robotics Developer


  • Q.bo Lite Evo Q.bo Lite Evo

    Developed by TheCorpora, the Q.bo Lite Evo is an open source robotics platform with very low power consumption and high performance. Face recognition and tracking, speech recognition and 3D Slam are among the many features of the robot.

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  • Q.bo Pro Evo Q.bo Pro Evo

    Developed by the Spanish company theCorpora, the Q.bo Pro Evo is a programmable mobile robot which is fully assembled and designed for people wishing to skip the assembling steps and choose the components.

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  • Q.bo Q.bo

    Developed by the Spanish company TheCorpora, the Q.bo is a robot platform for the development as well as progress of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. It consists of a chassis, high quality mechanical parts and plastic covers. The Q.bo only contains…

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