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TNO Industrie en Techniek

TNO Industrie en Techniek
  • Netherlands
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  • TNO is the Dutch organization for applied scientific research. It also serves as an independent knowledge organization that links knowledge and science. Before 2011, the organization was divided into several core divisions. Industrie en Techniek (Industry and Technique) was one of the divisions that specifically focused on business. TNO (I & T) supported other Dutch companies in innovating their products and production processes. The division was involved in contract research, helping companies through research, equipment development or collaborative efforts.

    TNO (I & T) was also involved in the development of the Eye RHAS, an eye robot for haptic assisted surgery. Since the eye is a very delicate organ in the human body, a well-developed haptic device would make eye operations safer and easier to control. Robot technology for eye surgery can make precise decisions. Moreover, it will be equipped with an extreme “steady hand,” that can function at a level that is not possible for the human hand.

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