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TNO Science and Industry

TNO Science and Industry
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  • TNO serves as the Dutch organization for applied science research. Over the years, the organizational structure of the firm has changed in order to keep up with new trends and developments in science and technology. TNO is divided into multiple divisions that focus on different areas of expertise. Science and Industry is one of these divisions that is involved in Project Piton, a Dutch project in which several Dutch tech research companies work together with well-known tech universities (Delft and Eindhoven).

    Project Piton is working on the development of a steerable robotic needle. Since needles are one of the most commonly used medical equipment, a rise in accuracy will prove to be highly valuable. With a robotically steered needle, the risk of tissue damage is significantly reduced. Another important feature of this needle is that it is made from non-magnetic material, which means, it can be used during MRI scanning.

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