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Tokyo Inst. of Tech. (TITECH)

Tokyo Inst. of Tech. (TITECH)
  • Japan
  • Institute
  • Robotics Developer


  • Bino3 Bino3

    Bino3 surveillance robot has a 3D motion and stereo binocular system. Its developers hope to use it in areas potentially dangerous to humans, such as radioactive rooms.

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  • Kenken Kenken

    Tokyo Institute of Technology developed a one-legged hopping robot called KENKEN. It has hydraulic actuators as muscles and spring as tendon using which it can hop on one leg.

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    TITECH developed a dinosaur robot called TITRUS-III. It uses its tail as a third leg for stability and its head as manipulator, and sways its long neck and tail to maintain balance. Although it was never developed full scale, it inspired the development…

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