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Tongmyong U.

Tongmyong U.
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  • Tongmyong University

    Then known as the Tongmyong Institute of Culture and Education, Tongmyong University was founded by Kang Seok-jin in April of 1977.  The school experienced dramatic changes after two schools, Tongmyong College and the Tongmyong University of Information Technology, merged to become the Tongmyong University on March 1st, 2006, as approved by the country’s Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development.

    In 2006, the university was also chosen as the NEXT Project University by the Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development. During this time, the ROTC was established as duly approved by the Student’s Central Military School, and at the same time, the Engineering Course Support Center was also established.

    A year later, the school was once again selected by the Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development as the 2007 new NEXT project University. Also in this year, the school was selected by the Busan Regional Office of Labor as a model for local employment and human resources development.

    It was also selected by the Regional Technology Innovation Project initiated by the country’s Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy as one of the participating universities. Subsequently, the school’s Ubiquitous Port IT Research Center was launched during this year.

    In 2008, Tongmyong University was selected as a project model for Training Programs of Communication and Media Fusion Specialists by the Institute for Information Technology Advancement, and was also chosen by the Human Resource Development Service of Korea as a project model for the Small and Medium Sized Companies Training Consortium Project.

    In 2009, the university was awarded the First Tongmyong University prize, and was once again selected as a project model; this time for the IT Fusion-Combined Human Resources Development Center by the National IT Industry Promotion Agency.

    Among the many courses that the university has been offering to thousands of students, its College of Information and Communication’s Department of Robot System Engineering has been steadily making name for the school. This department has produced leaders in various fields that are related to industries, services, welfare, military and maritime robots.

    The robotic department is responsible for the development of a high tech service robot which is called the TUBO robot. Aside from this department, the university’s Department of Mechatronics Engineering, whose aim is to foster field-friendly, highly qualified professionals by creating and developing AI robots, electric automobiles, and state-of-the art engineering machines, continues to bring vital changes in today’s engineering technologies.


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