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  • ApriAlpha ver.3 Sharp Ear ApriAlpha ver.3 Sharp Ear

    Toshiba developed the ApriAlpha Sharp Ear having advanced voice capture technology. It can understand and follow voice commands, read emails loud and give weather forecast.

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  • ApriAlpha ver.2 ApriAlpha ver.2

    Toshiba developed the ApriAlpha ver. 2 having improved voice detection features. It can respond to voice commands and control home appliances with centralized control.

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  • ApriAlpha ApriAlpha

    Toshiba developed the ApriAlpha as a life support partner for humans. It has CCD camera with face recognition, and has speech recognition, speech synthesizer and speech localization features.

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  • ApriAttenda ver.2 ApriAttenda ver.2

    ApriAttenda ver. 2 was developed by Toshiba as an improvement over the previous version. It has a pair of arms and can grasp objects better. It can also recognize human faces.

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  • ApriAttenda ApriAttenda

    ApriAttenda is a humanoid robot developed by Toshiba. It has advanced visual sensors and image processing system to recognize people and can locate moving individuals.

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  • ApriPetit ApriPetit

    ApriPetit is a tiny companion robot designed to assist elderly users. Capable of speech and facial recognition, it can follow instructions and communicate about health.

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  • ApriPoco ApriPoco

    Toshiba developed a gadget robot called ApriPoco which serves as a gateway of a voice command-able environment. It learns commands over time and responds to human voices.

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  • Cart robot Cart robot

    Toshiba and Toshibatec designed and developed the Cart robot. It assists disabled shoppers to carry their purchased things to their cars. It can also detect and avoid obstacles.

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  • Guide robot Guide robots robot

    The Guide robot is a wheeled robot made by Toshiba and Toshibatec. Its sophisticated map skills allow it to guide you to any part of a store or facility. Its interactive touchscreen displays product information. Guide robot has advanced facial recognition…

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